Drawing Development 

10.00am – 4.30pm

£85.00 per person

All materials provided

Soup lunch and refreshments provided.

This workshop is aimed at those who produce art regularly or have a professional interest in art, design and architecture. Please be advised the content of the course is challenging  and is for those who wish to explore new approaches to either advancing there art practice or experiencing new approaches to learning and teaching in art and design. Esther has experienced learning and using the approach herself as a student, lecturer and now practicing artist and has survived! Its serious fun, quite literally, if you can drop the expectation and baggage we all carry with us about art and play with the new challenges presented. You don’t have to be able to draw to do the exercises in the first half of the course – as a process of visual decision making you’ll make both as individuals and as a group. In the afternoon section you will be able to apply the exercises to your own practice: How you would use them to develop your own drawing, how you would use them in the class room or as a way to enhance your own understanding of the work of others.