Tile Panels

Esther‘s ceramic paintings are all original. Each one is unique and hand painted with colour underglazes and then fired in a kiln at 1100 degrees centigrade. Ceramic transfers she created are then applied and the tile is fired again at 800 degrees centigrade. Esther’s tiles are waterproof and washable and can either be hung decoratively or used as part of the tiling in a bathroom or kitchen. Unlike heat transfer vinyl you commonly see on mugs and ‘art’ tiles today, all Esther’s tiles are fired in kilns using traditional ceramic processes giving them a unique quality and lasting durability.

The individual tile size is approx 15cm x15cm. Please contact Esther for exact sizes and measurements.

Winter Storm 75cm x 60cm

Storm Cloud

Flight over The Bass

Flight of the Sula

Diving Sula ( SALE £325.00)


New or commissioned nine tile compositions are £380.00 unframed and £425.00 framed

Three tile framed compositions are £125.00

Five tile framed compositions are £210.00

You can also order any number of tiles either framed or unframed, either in a row or in a square or even a rectangle and the price works out at around £42 per tile

Single framed tiles are £45.00 each

Flight over The Forth

Three Storm Clouds (SOLD)

Tantallon Castle from Seacliff Beach