Art Classes & Workshops in Esther’s Studio Fridays April – September

Tile Painting Workshop A fun workshop suitable for everyone to enjoy. Ideal for friends, family and couple day’s out wishing to try an art activity in a relaxed friendly artist studio. All materials supplied with complimentary refreshments. A great wee creative adventure!

Check any upcoming workshops here , request a booking or visit Tile Painting page with full workshop details.  AM 10.00 -12.30 & PM 1.00 – 3.30 sessions available.

Draw for a Day Drawing classes for beginners. Gain confidence in your drawing ability by taking this specially designed class for beginners. Supporting and showing beginners the very first steps how to gain the skills to draw. A highly enjoyable class using a proven approach to get your drawing and keep you drawing.

Check any upcoming workshops here , request a booking or visit Draw for a Day with full workshop details.  Full day sessions available.

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iPad Drawing  Great wee workshop for those who have never tried drawing before and would like to use thier iPads to get started. Also a great introduction to drawing digitally using layers and stuff.

Check any upcoming workshops here , request a booking or visit iPad Workshop with full workshop details.  Full day and half day sessions available.

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Drawing Development : This workshop is for practicing artists and amateur enthusiasts who wish to advance their ideas through the study of non-representation and abstraction in art. Using a unique approach to art & design education devised by Dave Cohen, you will be taken through a series of exercises to then apply to your own practice.

Also suitable for fine art students, students of art history and architecture, including art & design teachers and lectures. Be great to get a cross section of artists, students and educators together for a workshop. Hope to hear form you all soon!

Check any upcoming workshops here , request a booking or visit Drawing Development with full workshop details.  Full day sessions available.

Kirstie Cohen Painting Workshops

Spring & Autumn Weekend Workshop

Kirstie’s workshops are held twice annually in April and October. For more info about Kirstie’s workshop please click here

Prices are per person

Tile Painting Draw for a Day iPad Drawing Drawing Development Kirstie’s Painting Workshop
£55.00 per session £65.00 per session £25 per half day session £85.00 per session £120 for weekend session
£40.00 group of 6 £40 per full day session

Booking a Class & Workshop – How it works

You can choose any Friday for your workshop or you can join an existing workshop (see calendar). Please specify the Friday (whole day or am / pm session) you would like to book with your preferred date. Workshops & classes will only run with minimum of 2 people.

To book please contact Esther at the Studios to request a booking form. All payment details included on booking form. Payment by BACS or you can post a cheque. Online payment coming soon.

Esther is always happy to answer any questions or queries.

Please give a minimum of 3 days notice for your workshop to be arranged unless you are joining an existing workshop already confirmed to run – see calendar.
Min 2 people for a class or workshop to run. Payment must be received before date of workshop.