Esther designs prints using her ceramic paintings. After the first firing of her tiles, she then scans her tiles before the transfers are applied and fired on. Working digitally she uses her photography and paintings to design the final print. Working with maybe three to four images from her scanned tiles, she then ‘paints with light’ layering her images digitally over one another to create the changing moods, light and atmospheres you can see in her prints. By changing the different layers over one another in different ways using opaque and transparent degrees of tone, the work goes through a similar process as watching light change over a landscape on a windy day or a storm passing over a seascape. When she is satisfied with a particular arrangement of layers and tones that produce the right mood for the bird in flight or castle ¬†featured in the final image, she then combines the layers and sends the image off for print.

Esther’s prints are all giclee and are printed on heavy wight paper with a life image of approx 100 years without fading.

Pink Bass Rock

Moon Over Tantallon Castle

Breaking Wave

Flying Up The Forth

Scott Monument

Tartan Skies over Forth Bridge

Edinburgh Castle

Midnight Storm

Sunshine on The Shore

Blue Sky

The Shore

The Shore, Leith

Cockenzie Power Station 1965-2015

Cockenzie Moon

Cockenzie to Edinburgh

Cat Prints